Winter’s Not Over And You Might Need Furnace Repair In Bryan OH

by | Feb 28, 2018 | HVAC Contractor

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Winter still has several months left and the furnaces in homes and businesses have been working overtime from the cold temperatures. If an owner didn’t have their furnace tuned-up or serviced, they will probably need furnace repair in Bryan OH. A reputable HVAC company should offer 24-hour emergency service and provide upfront pricing for service, repair, and parts.

Trustworthy technicians should be sent to a home and their van or truck should be fully-stocked with a variety of parts to repair a furnace. Maintenance of a service on a yearly basis is the best way to improve energy efficiency and comfort in a home.

Service Contract

An owner will have the peace of mind they need knowing that their furnace is operating at peak performance. A trained technician will provide a periodic inspection, lubrication, safety check and cleaning, and adjustment of the burner or other parts of the furnace. When a problem is spotted early, it can be repaired before major problems develop with the furnace.

Another benefit of having a tune-up service contract is the technician will schedule all of the appointments at a time that’s convenient for the owner and the owner will get preferential treatment. When the prices are locked in, they won’t be raised during the effective dates of the contract. A service contract customer will receive a fifteen percent discount on repair parts and labor.

Lower Utility Costs

A furnace that is routinely serviced will use less energy and increase performance. An owner can help a furnace by routinely changing the air filter in the furnace and keeping the cold air returns clear from blockage.

New Furnace

When Furnace Repair in Bryan OH identifies a serious problem like a cracked heat exchanger, an owner will need to have a new furnace installed. A cracked heat exchanger could lead to carbon monoxide in a home, fire and other dangerous situations.

It’s not too late to have a tune-up performed on your furnace this year. In addition to a tune-up, you could get a jump on the summer by having your air conditioning system serviced at the same time. Check out website for more information about heating and cooling for your home.

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