Wood-Burning Stoves in Huntington, NY Keep Families Extra Warm

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Fireplace Store

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According to PennState Extension, you need to figure how wood measures up for heating a space by measuring the dollars per joule. This approach allows a consumer to see what type of fuel supports a warmer living environment. In the United States, the Department of Energy publishes the average pricing for heating oil and natural gas, but it does not feature the average costs for cordwood.

Taking a Look at the Ads

To determine wood fuel usage, researchers reviewed ad prices for firewood in various forms. Doing so revealed that cordwood was the least costly method to heat a home. In fact, it has had this reputation for the past two decades. Wood prices stabilize over time while heating oil and gas can fluctuate.

Preventing the Escape of Heat

In particular, new wood-burning and pellet stoves in Huntington, NY can help you save a lot of money on heating in the winter time. The products emit more heat indoors and prevent the warmth from escaping up the chimney.

Save Even More Money on Heating

While you can save by heating with natural gas, you can save even more money when you install wood-burning or pellet stoves. You can use the stove for its charming and inviting appearance, as well as providing sufficient heat for your living space.

A Renewable Heat Source

You can’t help but rave about the value of placing pellet or wood stoves in your home. Not only is the warmth condensed and available, you will find that this form of energy is renewable. University researchers recommend energy-rated wood stove products today, as they support heating in the home whether you use a geothermal heat pump or have a furnace installed.

Support Indoor Comfort This Winter

Learn more about the wood heating stove by visiting a company, such as Basic Energy East, online. See how you can improve the looks of your home and support indoor comfort this winter.

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