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Working In Toxic Air Spaces

Working In Toxic Air Spaces Posted on December 28, 2016

If you’re going to be working in an area with toxic gases, you need safety equipment like a hazard suit and an oxygen mask so as to avoid breathing them in. Some gases can be absorbed into the skin, which is why a hazard suit is needed. It covers your entire body and doesn’t let any air in at all. The oxygen mask is to prevent you from breathing in the gases and to supply you with air so you don’t suffocate while you work. They are sometimes used together if the environment is dangerous enough and to ensure that the worker doesn’t suffocate in the hazard suit due to it being sealed. The hazard suit and breathing air mask rental period can be expensive but might be cheaper if you’re only going to use them when you need to, rather than just buying them. Thus, it might be best to choose breathing air rental services.

Where Can You Use the Oxygen Mask?

Aside from toxic airspaces, you can use the oxygen mask in various other areas. You could be working on material that’s underwater like in a lake or a pond, so an oxygen mask is required to work for any length of time. You can also use it in small enclosed spaces where air is limited like storage spaces, or to avoid breathing in chemicals in places like silos.

Where Can You Find These Materials?

This safety equipment isn’t like your average first aid kit or goggles, so you can’t just go into a store to buy or rent them. There are specialized places that offer specialized safety gear, but they aren’t commonplace like supermarkets and the prices can be expensive. You want to look for health or safety stores or services that offer them, but depending on the area you’re in, it can be as close as a few blocks, or many miles away. The easiest way is to look online for specialized websites that offer the material for rental, like health or safety websites.

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