Why Young Drivers Pay More for Auto Insurance in Austin, TX

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Insurance

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Young drivers pay more for Auto Insurance in Austin TX for a variety of reasons. Some are out of a driver’s control, but others are easily monitored. Knowing these important factors can help young drivers and their parents mitigate the high costs of coverage.

A Young Driver Has an Unproven Record

Most people know that insurers base premiums partly on the customer’s driving record. Those with no accidents or violations can get substantial discounts, while those with spotty records will pay more. A person’s driving record gives the insurer a way to analyze the risk of providing coverage, and for a younger driver, an insufficient record can pose a problem.

Teen Drivers Aren’t as Experienced

Like other skills, driving takes practice, effort, and time to get things right. Simply put, a young driver hasn’t spent enough time behind the wheel to be truly skilled. Inexperienced drivers find it hard to react appropriately to roadside dangers, and most crashes involving teen drivers are related to inexperience.

Young Drivers are Generally More Distracted

Distraction plays a role in almost 20% of auto accidents. It can take multiple forms, such as:

Cell phone usage

Talking to passengers

Searching for things in the car

Applying makeup or reading directions while driving

Drinking and eating

Any of these can take the driver’s focus away from the road, which makes them more likely to be in an accident. The government reports that 11% of those under 20 who died in auto accidents were distracted behind the wheel. Insurers consider these facts when assigning premiums for teen drivers.

Younger Drivers are More Likely to be in Accidents

Whether it’s because of distraction, poor choices, or inexperience, it’s a fact that younger drivers are more likely to be in an auto accident. It’s not discriminatory for insurers to charge more for teen drivers. The practice is grounded in many years of research and statistics.

While it’s true that younger drivers pay more for Auto Insurance in Austin TX, shopping around can somewhat ease the burden. Discounts are not always advertised, and an agent with the Perdue Insurance Group can recommend the right policy for any driver’s needs.

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