Monthly Archive:: August 2017

Consider Visiting an Orthodontist

There are a number of adults around the world who suffer from serious problems with their teeth but never receive any type of treatment because they believe that a trip to the orthodontist is something that can only be done during childhood. After all, braces are shocking to see on an adult and distract from

The Purpose of an ADR

Divorce is an incredibly hard process. This is an undisputed fact. Very rarely does a marriage dissolve with no dispute – but what happens when this dispute seems insurmountable? What is there to be done when you and your former spouse can’t reach an agreement? Is it worth it to slug it out in court

A Guide to Class 4 Shingles in Tulsa

Roof repairs are quite costly, particularly if the damage was due to wind or hail. However, recent advances in roofing materials can prevent such damage from happening in the first place. Sometimes referred to as impact resistant roofing materials, Class 4 Shingles in Tulsa can make a home’s roof almost impervious to wind- and hail-related

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