Should You Invest in a Photo Booth for Your Business?

With all of the advancements in camera technology and the prevalence of cell phones, you would think no one wants to use a photo booth anymore, but you would be wrong. True, they do not see the same business they once did, but customers will still go to photo booths to take funny pictures with their friends and family to remember a great day. This can make photo booths a great option for family oriented businesses. Let’s take a look at a couple of reasons you should consider getting a digital photo kiosk for your business.


Beyond the initial expense of purchasing the kiosk, the overhead for these systems is very low. They do not use much electricity and the cost of the photos is low, too. This means that most of the money you make from your photo booth will be profit. There is also the option for customers to email their photos to themselves rather than purchase a printout. In this case, all you are paying for is the electricity.


Kiosks are not one size fits all. Most manufacturers understand that what works for one business may take up too much room for another, or maybe you only want customers to be able to email their photos, but not print them. When you order your kiosk, you will be given several options for customizing it. Some of these photo booths can even be made to use your company’s logo or emblem on them for additional marketing.

These kiosks can be full booths like you would traditionally see in movie theaters and arcades or they can be wall mounted. This allows you even further customization. If your business is limited on space you can simply get a wall mounted unit which will not take much real estate or, if you have a business with a large, open lobby you may want to opt for a full booth style kiosk. Either way, these systems can be customized to suit your needs.

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