Top 5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Loved One’s Ashes- Cremation Services in Seattle

There are many different ways to place your deceased loved one’s ashes somewhere close to home, or even on your body. Some people may choose to stay within the normal preferences such as burial of the ashes, spreading them across the desist family member’s favorite location, or having them placed in a columbarium. While others may choose a more exotic way for their ashes to be kept, such as having them placed in a firework. How one person decides to have their remains kept may seem strange to another, but it is a personal ordeal. The Cremation Services in Seattle will help guide you through the process of picking the future of the ashes. Below is a short list of things to do with cremated ashes.

Shoot the ashes into space

To have your loved one’s ashes shot into space would be an excellent way for them to begin their journey into the final stage of life. For the dreamer who was never able to live up to their childhood dream of traveling to space, this may be a ticket to everlasting peace.

Placed in fireworks

Your loved one would truly go “out with a bang”! The ashes are typically spread through 200 firework shells, giving your family a spectacular light show in honor of your loved one.

As an hourglass

Though the hourglass may not be a reliable time reference, it will be a beautiful mantle display piece. Have the remains placed in the hourglass and keep time, at your own pace.

In helium balloons

You can have the remains placed in a helium balloon that will float into the atmosphere. The balloon will travel approximately 5 miles into the air. When the air temperature reaches -40 below zero, the balloon will crystallize and burst. This will spread your loved one’s ashes everywhere below it and could also be a very thoughtful way to do a common spreading.

A shining diamond

Having the cremated remains of a loved one turned into a diamond is a sure way to keep them shining on earth. Most companies who offer the service have several karat sizes, gem cuts, and colors. You can place these diamonds into a set of jewelry or on display.

Choosing how to preserve your loved one’s ashes (if not already decided) is a hard decision. Contact the Cremation Services in Seattle for your cremation needs.

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