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Things to Consider During Funeral Pre-planning in Bel Air

Things to Consider During Funeral Pre-planning in Bel Air Posted on August 14, 2019

Coming to terms with mortality isn’t easy for most people, but dying is an inevitable life event. Making your funeral arrangements may sound a bit morbid and even frightening, but a growing number of people are choosing to do so these days. Through Pre-planning in Bel Air, all the details are taken care of ahead of time, and this helps take a great deal of the burden off your family when they’re grieving your loss. Any number of points are likely to come into play because every funeral is different, but many details are universal.

Choosing between Burial and Cremation

First, it’s important to point out whether you want to be buried in a cemetery or cremated. Though many people flinch at the though of being cremated, it’s typically the least expensive alternative. With cremation, you’ll need to select a rental casket or purchase one in which you’ll be cremated. In the case of burial, purchasing a casket is the only option. It’s also necessary to choose a funeral home or crematorium.

Service Arrangements

If you’d like to have a viewing or wake for loved ones to gather for fellowship and to share memories of you, these can be held at the funeral home or another locale of your choosing. Arrangements will also need to be made for a memorial service if you want to include one. These services may take place at a church, the funeral home or crematorium, or your gravesite. Of course, any combination of these may be part of the picture as well.

Finer Points

Should there be specific ministers, you’d like to officiate the memorial service or special people you’d like to have sing or certain music you want to be played, those details can be made during Pre-planning in Bel Air as well. You can also choose the types of flowers to be placed on your casket along with other special touches for the services, such as having doves or balloons released or requesting charitable donations be made instead of flowers.

Any number of details can arise while making arrangements for your funeral in advance, and the staff of Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services is readily available to help with each of them. Your arrangements may be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

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