3 Ways to Beat Back Shady Car Dealers

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Car Dealer

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Have a Subaru make and model picked out? The next logical step would be to go to the nearest dealership and find a car dealer to help you with the rest. Worried, though, that you might end up with a dodgy car dealer who’ll only be out to get you? Don’t be.

With insights from Bankrate, here are a few things you can do to protect yourself against shady car dealers. By following these tips, you’d be in a better position to find a reliable Subaru dealer, negotiate for a better deal and get your car buying process off to a great start:

1. Arm yourself with information. Lots of it. Before you walk into that dealership, know everything there is to know about the car you want—from features to cost. This way, the dealer won’t be able to scam you on any of the details. Tip: one great way to actually test not just the knowledge but the honesty of a particular car dealer is to ask a question, something cost-related (to which you already know the answer) and if the dealer gives you a figure or estimate that misses the mark by a few miles, then you might want to consider going to another dealership.
2. Don’t be impulsive. When you find yourself in a dealership store, you’ve got to recognize the fact that most car dealers are out to make a sale. So when you ask about the make and model you want, they’ll do everything they can to describe the car in glowing terms, says CheatSheet. Don’t get taken in by the flash. Also, this might be a good time for the car dealer to give you a quote. Pay attention to the details here. If he keeps quoting the monthly payment instead of the car’s entire cost, he might be trying to break it down to hide the high interest and terms of a long-term loan, one that’s going to tie you down for quite a long time.
3. Just say no. When you finally succeed in getting that excellent deal, your dealer might offer you extended warranties or tire protection. These can set you back several thousands of dollars. Some of these won’t be of any use to you. So just say a firm no.

With these 3 handy tips, you’ll be ready to start negotiating for a better deal. If you’re looking for a Subaru dealer in Nassau, let us help you. Whether you need dealer assistance or car repair and maintenance, our team at Grand Prix Subaru will be happy to service you.

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