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4 Hats You’ll Have to Wear When Starting Your Own Gym Business

4 Hats You’ll Have to Wear When Starting Your Own Gym Business Posted on July 12, 2018

Starting your own gym business in Kansas is an exciting venture. You’ll get to spend your days running a service that you’re passionate about, and help people achieve their goals. But as a business owner, there are many hats you have to wear throughout the day. You may think that you’ll just to get to hang out in a gym and train people all day – but there is more to it. Here are four things you’ll likely have to do at first.

1. The Custodial Hat

For most start-ups, hiring maintenance or custodial worker is not in the budget yet. It means that you’ll be the one doing the cleaning and upkeep around the gym. You will have to wipe down machines, clean the bathrooms, wash gym towels, shovel snow, take out the garbage, and anything else that needs doing.

2. The Bookkeeping Hat

At first, you will likely be the only accountant and bookkeeper on staff. You’ll need to find a software that helps you make this easier. The primary concerns right away are tracking every expense and every penny of income and preparing tax documents.

3. The Marketing Hat

If you want your gym to make money, it has to get clients. And getting clients means that you need to advertise. There are tons of ways to market when you are starting your own gym business, but many experts agree that online marketing is one of the best options. This gives you access to a wide audience and is often free.

4. The Secretary Hat

You will have to spend at least some time every week scheduling appointments, making calls, answering emails, doing various paperwork, and all the other things that secretaries do, until there is the budget to hire out for this position.

Totaling It All Up

At the end of the week, you can expect to have spent roughly 20 hours of your work week on the four hats listed above. If you are working a standard 40-hour week, that means that only half your time will be spent in the gym with clients. This is important to know because it will help you better schedule training or classes.

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