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4 Services Provided By A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Irving, Texas

4 Services Provided By A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Irving, Texas Posted on July 23, 2014

When accused of a crime in Texas, you shouldn’t take a chance by acting as your own attorney. While this could prove useful for a minor infraction, if you are facing a serious criminal charge, the prosecution could discredit each defense you try without significant effort. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Irving Texas possesses knowledge of cases that are similar to yours and can utilize this information to generate an effective defense.

Services Provided by a Criminal Lawyer

1. Negotiations: A criminal attorney negotiates a plead bargain with the prosecution in exchange for a guilty plead. This is beneficial when the prosecution possesses enough evidence to convict you but cannot acquire the penalty preferred. Additionally, if you are a first-time offender, you could acquire an alternative to standard sentencing.

2. Question Witnesses: The attorney can approach witnesses for the prosecution with a clear objective. They understand which questions to ask to achieve the desired results. When it is evident that he or she is lying, the defense attorney can utilize techniques that will cause them to make an error.

3. Hiring Investigators: Attorneys have connections to private investigators who can assist their efforts for exploring other angles. They are aware of which investigative services are legitimate and could produce sufficient evidence to support your defense case. They understand the legalities associated with evidence acquisition. By using professional services, the attorney can produce evidence that is admissible in court and beneficial to your case.

4. Violations of Rights: While an individual representing themselves may not understand violations of their civil rights, an attorney does. For example, any evidence that is obtained through illegal procedures are not admissible. Your attorney reviews items such as search warrants to determine if the prosecution or law enforcement followed the law in acquiring the evidence. Any violation could warrant a motion to dismiss the charges.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Irving Texas provides a wealth of services that are not available for individuals representing themselves. In most cases, laws and information pertaining to circumstances of crimes are not always available to the public. Access to this information may require a law license or a security clearance. If you need the services of a criminal defense attorney, you should contact The Law Offices Of Eric Cedillo without delay.

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