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5 Common Types of Home Window Repair And Replacement Services

5 Common Types of Home Window Repair And Replacement Services Posted on March 2, 2017

Sometimes, windows break. Accidents happen which can cause breaks, but other factors such as the weather can also cause a window to shatter. Window breaks are fairly common and simply require a basic repair to get things back to normal. However, there are many different types of windows to consider when choosing to make repairs.

If you need one or more of your windows repaired, you’ll need to find home window repair and replacement services. You should also be sure to choose a window type that suits your home and personal tastes. Below are five common types of window replacements you can choose from.


Double-hung windows offer a classic look for your home. They may be the first window style that comes to mind when you picture one. They are easy to open as they open upwards to allow airflow inside your home.


Single-hung windows are very similar in most ways to double-hung windows. However, they have a few key differences. While both sashes are operable with double hung windows, only the lower sash is operable when it comes to single-hung windows. Home window repair and replacement services can help.


Sliding windows have more than one panel. They also slide horizontally, which allows for easy partial and full opening. It’s very easy to control the level of ventilation you receive by controlling a sliding window.


Accent windows are meant to act as an accent for a room. They come in many shapes, from standard rectangles to octagons. They don’t usually allow for ventilation in most cases.

Basement Hopper

Basement hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open from the top. They are typically found in basements to provide additional airflow. They are mainly intended to provide ventilation, not a view, as they are often small. If you need more information, contact Westside Glass Inc. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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