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Get Expert Glass Repair in St. Louis, MO for Homes and Storefronts

Get Expert Glass Repair in St. Louis, MO for Homes and Storefronts Posted on May 22, 2020

When windows become damaged, a glass repair specialist will be needed to keep your property safe and secure. Hazardous storms, stones, and even birds can all cause harm to glass windows and doors. Although most events are unavoidable, prompt glass repair in St. Louis, MO can quickly restore a home or business to its prior state. Timely repairs eliminate the possibility of theft or vandalism due to the damaged glass.

Repairing Glass Panes

Having to replace an entire glass pane may sometimes be costly. Fortunately, many chips and cracks don’t require a window replacement. Instead, a convenient epoxy solution can be used to seal and protect the affected areas. After the treatment dries, the surface is then buffed, so the repair is barely noticeable. Most completed repairs are only visible to the owner because they know the exact spot where the damage occurred.

Scratches from branches and other debris are another common problem. If the damage is relatively minor, a professional glass repair service can buff the scratches to eliminate or reduce their appearance. Unsightly scratch marks can be especially bothersome for large picture windows or storefront glass panes. A quick repair can improve the appearance of a window and restore your view.

Secure Loose Glass Panels

Just like automobile windows, residential and commercial glass panels can be an annoyance when they rattle or vibrate. This sound occurs when the glass is no longer properly attached to the frame. A company that specializes in glass repair in St. Louis, MO can secure the window by using an adhesive sealant or caulking material. While a loose glass panel doesn’t affect a window’s appearance, it could eventually fall out and break if not repaired.

Eliminate Foggy Windows

In older homes, windows with multiple panes often lose their energy efficiency. When the seal between the panes is compromised, condensation can accumulate and lead to unattractive, foggy windows. A glass repair service can remedy the problem by adding a seal and glaze for airtight protection between the panes.

If you need an immediate window repair or replacement, Contact A M Richards Glass Co Inc today. Their skilled staff can provide reliable service to keep your home or business secure. In addition to safety, new or repaired glass also helps to boost curb appeal.

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