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8 Steps to Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist

8 Steps to Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist Posted on April 13, 2016

If you changed addresses or your child’s dentist has decided to retire, then you’re going to need to start looking around for one. Here are helpful tips:

1. Get a referral from your old dentist. Hopefully, if your dentist is retiring, he might already have someone in mind for you. If you’re relocating to someplace else, it also helps to ask your dentist to get you in touch with other dentists in the area. If that doesn’t pan out though, then:
2. Ask around. Reach out to parents, coworkers or neighbors and ask about their dentists, says the Parents. They should pretty much have this information in the bag.
3. When you finally have the information you need, pay a visit to the dentist. Schedule an appointment. Was the office staff rude? Were they rushing you off the phone? Those might be signs that you’d be better off elsewhere.
4. Are they properly trained? If your kid needs a specific dental procedure, then make sure if the dentist already has experience in that procedure or not. Read their site or simply ask about that information when you call to schedule an appointment.
5. Drop by the office. Finding the right pediatric dentist in Plantation means finding someone whose office is handily accessible to you, whether on your way to and from school to pick up your kid or near your home. Anything farther than an hour is too much effort and a hassle to bother so try to find one the best one that’s closest to you.
6. Evaluate the office. Is it too small? Is the business thriving or does it seem the business is about to go at any moment? While not deal-breakers, these should influence your decision to a degree.
7. Observe the staff. Are they accommodating? Do they treat patients with respect? If they seem disrespectful or off to you or the other patients, then you and your kid should head out the door and find a better one.
8. Talk to the dentist. This will always be the clincher. Dentists for kids have a degree in child psychology to help them relate to their patients better. If your child was uncomfortable in some way, then move on to the next name on your list.

Finding the right dentist can take time. But once you do find one, you can rest easy knowing your child’s dental health and care is in excellent hands.

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