A Pediatric Sedation Dentist in Broken Arrow OK Treats Children With Nerve Damage to the Teeth

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Dentist

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Parents may justifiably feel nervous if their child needs the type of dental procedure that should be done with sedation. A root canal for a damaged nerve, for example, is a relatively lengthy process, and a young child may be unable to sit quietly for that long without sedating medicine. A Sedation Dentist in Broken Arrow OK who specializes in pediatric dentistry is an ideal choice.

Nerve Damage Incidents

Nerve damage in front teeth is somewhat common in children because they are more prone to being struck in the face during rough housing and athletic play. They haven’t yet developed full coordination and fast reflexes, and they don’t necessarily think to put their hands in front of their face for protection. After several days pass, the child or a parent notices that the tooth is starting to become discolored.

Oral Medication

The parents may schedule a consultation with a Sedation Dentist in Broken Arrow OK before making the appointment for the treatment. Typically, medication is provided orally and is not intended to make the child become unconscious as would be the case with general anesthesia. Nevertheless, the youngster may become so relaxed that he or she falls asleep, even though the parents could not believe that might happen. Afterward, the child may remember little to nothing of the dental procedure.

IV Sedation

Some dentists provide intravenous sedation, which also is not the same as general anesthesia. This form of medication can be more likely to make a person fall asleep, so it is useful for a child who is scared and uncooperative. The dentist also can keep adjusting the level of this sedation, which is not possible with the oral version.

Establishing a Relationship

It’s especially helpful if the child and the family has already established a doctor-patient relationship with this pediatric dentist. That way, the youngster and the parents all have a certain level of trust and reassurance with this practitioner. The child may be anxious, but also knows that this dentist has always provided compassionate care in the past. That helps calm his or her fears, and the sedating medication accomplishes the rest. Contact Kid’s Dental to schedule an appointment.

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