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A Quick Guide to Preppy Mens Clothing

A Quick Guide to Preppy Mens Clothing Posted on September 6, 2016

Every fashion-conscious man out there has got a few pieces of preppy mens clothing in his closet. Perhaps you have just decided to try this look, or at least add a few elements to your wardrobe. Regardless of your reasons, it pays to know the best way to wear this classic attire.

What Does It Mean to Be Preppy?

When most people hear the term preppy, visions of Ivy League, golf carts and country clubs come to mind. However, anyone can pull off this style of clothing without being affiliated with any of these things.

As a matter of fact, preppy mens clothing are timeless, persistent pieces that every man has probably had in his wardrobe at some point in time. The trademarks of preppy clothing include clean pressed garments, nautical themes, color and neatly tailored attire.

The Elements of Preppy

Brightly colored polo shirts, khaki shorts and loosely tied sweaters around the shoulders are a few things that come to mind when you think of preppy mens clothing. The look actually changes from one year to the next, but there are some ageless pieces that you can be sure will always be in style.

Nothing says preppy like a polo shirt. The top colors to achieve this style include blue, pink, Kelly green and yellow. The same colors will also work with oxford button down shirts as well. You must also have a few neat, well-fitting sweaters on hand to wear over your button downs.

Chinos are versatile pants that can be worn at the office or on a casual weekend getaway. Tan, dark brown and khaki are the best colors for everyday wear. Jeans have a place in a preppy wardrobe as well, just as long as they are slim with a straight-legged formal fit. Slightly baggy shorts are essential for a preppy summer and should be paired with a light sweater or polo shirt.

No collection of preppy mens clothing in Georgia would be complete without proper outerwear. A tailored sports coat in chocolate or navy is sure to flatter. Add a bright handkerchief in the breast pocket for a little intrigue. A light windbreaker over a lightweight sweater is perfect in cooler weather, so long as it is not too baggy. When winter is at its harshest, a classic, rich tweed coat will keep you warm. Pair it with jeans, a crewneck sweater and sensible shoes for the ideal preppy ensemble.

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