Treatments to Enjoy at a Cosmetic Spa in Hurst, TX

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Medical Spa

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Simply the idea of escaping from the day and heading to the spa can create instant relaxation. Filled with treatments to improve different parts of the body and address different issues, a Cosmetic Spa in Hurst TX offers a variety of services to choose from. As the name suggests, this type of spa focuses on cosmetic changes that can change a person’s appearance and add to his or her overall self-confidence. Here are several popular treatment options to choose from.

Cool Sculpting

Some clients head to a Cosmetic Spa in Hurst TX in order to change the appearance of their body. Instead of opting for plastic surgery, they turn to treatments like Cool Sculpting to improve their shape. This works by freezing fat cells in certain portions of the body. The cells the die and the body eliminates them. One of the biggest benefits of this option is that there is little to no recovery time. Clients get up from the treatment and can move on with the rest of their day.

Chemical Peels

The face is an important part of the body because it tends to get the most attention on a daily basis. Chemical peels offer assistance for patients looking to address various problems. Those with acne scars will appreciate the way the peel smooths out their appearance. For those struggling with clogged pores, the peel can help open up the skin and help to prevent blemishes. It can even remove some of the old skin on the face to reveal a bright visage.


What about areas of the face that are starting to show signs of aging? Injectables are a great way to target problem areas and provide them with a solution. Things like Juvederm work to add volume to certain parts of the face usually spaces around the nose and the mouth. This increase in volume decreases the appearance of wrinkles and in some cases, can remove years from a person’s appearance. Botox is another common treatment that works to relax muscles that are the source of wrinkles. Injections in places like the forehead can smooth out lines and temporarily prevent new lines from occurring.

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