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Add Style To That Home With Window Replacements in Colorado Springs

Add Style To That Home With Window Replacements in Colorado Springs Posted on April 28, 2017

There are various things that can adversely affect the energy efficiency of a home, but aging windows are one of the worst. In fact, some studies have shown that energy loss around windows and doors can be as high as thirty percent. One way to reduce this loss is with Window Replacements in Colorado Springs. For instance, replacing those aging windows with vinyl framed ones can greatly inhibit the transfer of heat. Heat transfer works both ways. During summer the heat will transfer from the outside to the inside. During winter the heat transfer goes the other way. Thankfully, there are window options that can help such as the double or triple pane models.

Window Replacements in Colorado Springs come in various frame types including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, vinyl clad wood and aluminum clad wood. This is necessary because certain kinds of houses may require a certain material such as wood or the homeowner may want a specific appearance. One example is the restoration of a historic house. Restoring the original appearance requires the use of wood framed windows. If this is the case, it is still possible to enjoy energy efficiency with the use of multiple panes of glass. One possible alternative to wood is fiberglass. This option provides a strong frame and the appearance of wood. Fiberglass can be finished with a simulated wood grain and painted as required.

Vinyl frames are a common choice with many property owners and one reason for this is that vinyl windows are budget friendly compared to most other frame types. Plus, vinyl is easy to care for and the frames do not require a fresh coat of paint every year. However, some people worry about the security of vinyl. This is not the problem that it used to be because manufacturers have improved the locking mechanisms used on vinyl windows. Options such as vinyl clad wood are also a great way to provide security because the wood frames are strong while the vinyl cladding provides protection with a non-permeable membrane. Aluminum clad wood is another excellent option because this cladding is very durable. Unlike the older aluminum windows, this type of frame provides styles similar to the other options and excellent resistance to thermal and sound transfer. Learn more about window replacements from the experts at

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