Advantages of Choosing a Metal Coating Company

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Metal

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If your company creates metal parts, you probably have the need for finishing. In fact, you might require a number of different finish types for more than one kind of metal. Instead of investing a great deal of time and money in finishing, there is an easier option and you only have to go with a trusted metal coating company. Here are some of the things a top rated service can do for your business.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is far more effective than simple painting. It produces a tough and resilient finish which will last for many years.


One of the best ways to finish and preserve aluminum involves the process of anodizing. It starts by submersing the aluminum to be anodized in an acidic solution and then introducing an electric current. This creates an electric oxidation process. Another material acts as a cathode and the aluminum becomes the anode. Ions of oxygen are freed into the solution and mix with aluminum atoms, at the surface of the aluminum. This forms a coating of aluminum oxide and greatly speeds up the natural process of oxidation.

Aluminum oxide is more durable than when a metal coating company dips or coats the aluminum with a finish. In fact, the oxide literally bonds with the aluminum to create one of the most durable and long lasting finishes you can use. Anodizing provides a number of benefits, as such:

* Safe for the environment
* Can be used in some of the largest buildings in the world
* Attractive finish
* Aerospace applications
* Computer hardware
* Scientific instrumentation
* Building materials
* Home and commercial appliances

Nickel Plating Services

Nickel can be plated with an electric on non electric process. This transfers nickel to the surface of metal for protection from wear and corrosion. Many companies utilize an electro-less process because it does not require the use of batteries. Instead, a chemical reaction essentially serves the same purpose. This method provides a smooth and even finish and can be shiny or semi shiny in appearance.

Stainless Steel Passivation

After stainless steel is created, it must be completely cleaned of all chemicals and materials used in the process. Afterward, the chromium in the metal begins to act with the environment to produce a protective coating of chromium oxide. This is an essential property of stainless steel because it prevents oxygen from reacting with the steel to form rust. However, because this layer is very thin, a metal coating company will often use passivation methods to increase the resistance to corrosion. By using special method which involves cleaning and chemicals, the chromium oxide layer can be increased, making it less resistant to wear and rust.

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