What to Look For in Veterinary Hospitals in Richmond, TX

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Animal hospital

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Unless someone has never had a pet before, they don’t understand the bond that is forged between a pet’s owner and the animal. The pet is truly a member of the family and, like any family member, when medical care is needed, many people want nothing but the best for their pets. If you’re looking for Veterinary Hospitals Richmond TX, there are several things to look for before bringing your four-legged friend in.

Pet owners want to ask what types of services are available. These may range from boarding all the way up to and including cancer surgery. As far as surgery, that is a subject pet owners always seem to have the most questions about. They will want to learn what types of anesthesia will be administered to their pet and what needs to be done beforehand. Ask about blood testing in particular, as this can help determine the levels and types of anesthetics that will be needed, but it can also detect other problems. Even if your dog or cat looks healthy, there are underlying organ problems that would only be detected with blood testing. This pre-op testing would also make sure the liver and kidneys are strong enough for an operation.

Inquire as to whether or not your pet can have other services provided while they are under the effects of anesthesia. This could range from the implanting of an identification microchip to routine ear cleaning to dental work. Studies have proven that pets with the identification microchips have a much greater chance of being reunited with their owners after they become lost or separated. Greatwood Veterinary Hospital is among the Veterinary Hospitals in Richmond TX that can do this.

The pet’s owner should also ask what type of pain their pet will be in after surgery, and how that can be managed. Obviously, pets can’t complain about the level of pain they have, but they will definitely have some level of pain to endure. Find out what type of medications will be available for your pet and how they can be administered. Many of these medications are administered orally, and can greatly reduce post-op symptoms such as swelling and general discomfort. The pet owner should inquire as to what type of stitches will be used. It is common that the sutures may dissolve on their own, so an additional trip to have them removed will not be necessary. Click here for more details about the veterinary hospitals in Richmond, TX.

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