Tips On What Insurance Companies Are Looking For From Personal Injury Lawyers In Taunton, MA

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Lawyers

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One of the biggest mistakes that can be made with a serious personal injury claim is to settle too soon. Often, the average person’s only prior contact with an insurance company was settling a fender-bender that involved little or no personal injury. The damage to the vehicle was substantiated with a couple quotes from body shops. Personal injury, if any, amounted to minimal medical bills and not much time lost from work. The insurance company made a settlement offer, it was accepted and a check followed soon thereafter. Case closed.

Serious Personal Injury Claims are Handled by Experienced People

Comparing a claim for a serious injury to a routine insurance claim would be like comparing an Olympic marathon to a leisurely jog. Both involve running, but the required levels of intensity and experience are entirely different for both sides.

When the injuries are serious, expect the adjuster to be very experienced. It’s going to take work and time before the claim settles. The injured person needs to concentrate on getting better. Let personal injury lawyers in Taunton deal with the insurance company.

What the Insurance Company is Looking For

The insurance adjuster will consider many factors before making even a preliminary offer including:

  • The plaintiff’s (accident victim’s) statement, witness statements, police reports and results of an investigation
  • Any previous claims filed by the plaintiff
  • Any information that might make the plaintiff agree to a quick, low settlement, such as financial or legal problems
  • Multiple documents that will be thoroughly examined, such as medical records, pay stubs, tax records and whatever else the insurance adjuster thinks pertinent
  • The type of medical treatment. Insurance companies tend to favor traditional medical treatment and downplay physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and other alternative forms of medical treatment. A good adjuster will know more about the items on the medical bills than the medical office’s billing department.
  • The value of pain and suffering
  • The expected health outcome for the plaintiff
  • Documentation to verify lost wages, especially for self-employed individuals
  • The attorney’s track record and experience. If they do not believe the attorney could win at trial, any settlement offer will be reduced.

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