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Advantages of Choosing Granite Kitchen Countertops in Bellevue WA

Advantages of Choosing Granite Kitchen Countertops in Bellevue WA Posted on August 27, 2020

People who love the natural look of granite may want this material for their new Kitchen Countertops in Bellevue WA. In addition to the beauty of the material, other advantages of granite make it a smart choice for homeowners.

Wide Range of Colors

It’s easy to color-coordinate a kitchen with granite countertops because so many colors and patterns are available. The combination of minerals, such as quartz, obsidian and mica, create a nearly endless variety of hues. The possibilities range from neutral and subtle to bold and dramatic. If homeowners want certain colors for the walls, cabinetry, appliances and floors, they can then choose countertops that blend in well or that have a contrasting effect.


Granite Kitchen Countertops in Bellevue WA are known for their strength and durability. The natural minerals do not change color over the years due to ultraviolet light, which is a common problem with some other materials used for work surfaces in the kitchen. Granite is extremely hard, and thus is resistant to scratching, chipping and denting.

Some homeowners worry that granite will become stained if certain substances are spilled on it, but this is easy to prevent. Quickly wiping up substances such as spaghetti sauce and tomato juice instead of leaving the task for later prevents stains. Sealing the granite as recommended by the manufacturer is another effective strategy.

Easy to Clean

In general, simply applying mild soap and water with a soft cloth is enough to clean granite countertops. Cleansers manufactured specifically for these home features also are available.

Increasing Home Value

The durability factor means that granite countertops from a supplier such as MN Stoneworks will last for decades without any deterioration. If the homeowner eventually decides to sell the house, prospective buyers will appreciate these high-quality kitchen features and the fact that they don’t look faded, discolored or beat up from use. Because people in the house took proper care of the granite, the material looks as though it had been installed just recently. Real estate shoppers are more likely to place an offer on a home that doesn’t require any immediate repair or upgrading.

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