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Answers Regarding the Possibility of Window Glass Repair in Riverside CA

Answers Regarding the Possibility of Window Glass Repair in Riverside CA Posted on June 13, 2019

When a window in a house becomes cracked or otherwise damaged, the homeowner may wonder whether it can possibly be fixed instead of replaced. The person may start looking for Window Glass Repair Riverside CA contractors, hoping to save some money over replacement costs. In some situations, repair is possible, but usually the pane should be replaced. The window frame normally can stay put, making the work much less expensive.

Temporary Repairs

If the homeowner is not extremely particular about the appearance of the window, some cracks can be repaired temporarily so the glass will stay in place. Applying masking tape to both sides of the crack will keep rainwater out and help reduce exterior temperature effects. Another option is to fill the crack with adhesive designed for windshield chips. This is a time-consuming process, but it can hold the pieces together until the pane can be replaced.

The crack has made the window more vulnerable to further damage, so replacement of the pane should be scheduled as soon as possible. Even strong wind could cause the pieces to fall into the house. The home will not be up to municipal health and safety codes with a cracked window.

Cosmetic Issues

Cosmetic problems may be repairable. An example would be an unsightly, deep scratch in the glass. A technician providing Window Glass Repair Riverside CA may be able to fill the scratch with clear material that hides the flaw. If the scratch is noticeable but not deep, the technician may be able to polish it out.

Fog Between Panes

With double-pane windows that have gas between the panes, fog tends to eventually develop as the seal breaks down. The glass cannot simply be resealed. Either one or both panes must be replaced by a contractor such as MGS Services. This shouldn’t happen for at least 10 years, and many windows don’t develop the problem for more than 20 years. Homeowners are invited to visit online at the website.

These are the main issues that homeowners wonder about in regard to repair. More serious incidents, such as glass shattering after being hit with a baseball, obviously require glass replacement.

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