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Are Managed Services A Cost-Effective Option?

Are Managed Services A Cost-Effective Option? Posted on March 11, 2019

Keeping a business running is not just about advertising and marketing; it is also about ensuring the infrastructure of the business is in good shape. Today, an essential component of the infrastructure of any business of any size in the Dallas area is in the network and the ability to access information online.

This is not just important for typical business functions. The network is also important to be able to manage sales, to reach out and connect with customers, and to allow customers to have a positive experience as the end-users of your site. Security, system performance and management of the servers and the network are all critical factors.

In-House or Outsourced?

There are two different ways for a business in Dallas to manage these systems. One is to hire in-house IT professionals, and the other is to contract with managed services providers.

The cost of hiring IT professionals can be significant, and there is always the risk that the individual hired can easily become overwhelmed with the various tasks and jobs at hand, potentially creating challenges in being able to respond to both emergency issues as well as continued maintenance and security upgrades for the system.

By hiring managed services providers, the Dallas business gets a team of professionals that can provide round the clock, 24/7/365 support services if there are any problems with the system. With the in-house IT professional, there are always times when a specialist is not available or faces a challenge that is beyond their capability to correct.

The other factor to consider with outsourced managed services is the ability to customize the services you select. This allows the network and system to be uniquely optimized for your company, and then maintained based on the level of support required. With expansive NOCs or network operations centers, these companies can continually monitor your system, often finding and correct issues before they are even known to your business.

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