Are You Planning To Have A Garage Built?

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Business

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If you are considering the addition of a garage on your property one of the first things to think about is the size. In many cases people have a garage built that is simply too small, they consider the car but nothing else. Any garage builder will be the first to tell you that there is no such thing as a garage that is too big. There are some basic garage sizes that are based on specific needs.

How much garage is enough?

The size of your new garage has a great deal to do with what it is you plan on doing in it and with it. If your thinking is straight forward; park the car and leave a little room for the lawn mower and a few garden tools then a simple, basic garage will suffice. If you want more from your garage then it becomes a little more complicated.

If the new garage that you are planning on having built will be your primary storage space for your outdoor apparatus then you must add at least three feet to the overall length. This additional length will give you ample room for storage and you will still be able to comfortably walk around your car.

Size is a definite cost factor:

It stands to reason that the overall size of the garage has a definite impact on the cost. A two car garage simply costs more than a single car garage, if your garage builder is going to add steerage space above, this will cost more again.

There is a rule of thumb that a professional garage builder will use; if you are in any doubt, built it bigger. You can never have enough storage space; this is very true because very few people can really predict what it is they will want or need years from now.

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