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Attracting Customers with Custom Flag Printing

Attracting Customers with Custom Flag Printing Posted on March 13, 2018

When your company wants to grab the attention of potential customers, there’s nothing better than a sign. Of course, there are many types of signs and some do the job better than others. A custom flag printing can be large and colorful enough that everyone notices it. This not only brings in people but makes your company stand out in a good way.

What Type of Flags Should I Choose?

There are numerous types of flags available to advertise your account, and all of them can be custom printed by a reputable printing company. Some of the choices your local company may provide include teardrop flags, feather flags, rectangle flags, and giant indoor/outdoor flags. By choosing a unique shape, you’ll stand out even more from all your competitors.

Let’s look at the types of flags you may want to consider for your own custom flag printing.

Standard Flags

This type of flag is probably what you think of when the word flag is mentioned. They are rectangular and come in all sorts of sizes. Those who want a smaller flag for indoor environments might want to choose a 2×3 or 3×5 foot size flag. If you are interested in a flag for use outdoors, 5×8 and 3×5 foot flags are your best bet. In most cases, these flags are used to show your loco, rather than slogans or sale advertisement.

Feather Flags

This type of flag is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. They come in various sizes, and you will need mounting hardware and a flagpole kit to display them. Many of these flags come with storage bags to make them easy for travel where you go. If you are planning to use the feather flag inside, the eight-foot flag is best. If your flag will be placed outside, something more substantial like the 17-foot flag may work better for your needs.

Teardrop Flags

If you plan to use your advertising flags inside for a long duration, teardrop flags can be an excellent choice. However, these banners can catch a lot of air, making the poles more likely to break. These are best not used on days when it is windy. They are great for indoor use or limited outdoor use.

The Perfect Flag

No matter what type of flag you need, New York Banner Stands can custom print it for you.

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