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Tips for Planning Your Civil Wedding

Tips for Planning Your Civil Wedding Posted on March 14, 2018

More and more Americans are shying away from elaborate trappings to go for intimate, cozy weddings that cost a whole lot less. If you’re planning your own civil wedding in San Antonio, here are a few tips to help you make the day even more awesome and special than it already is:

Do your research

Every state is different so if you plan on booking a city hall ceremony, it’s best to have all the information you need at hand. Figure out the logistics ahead of time. Do you need another appointment to get your marriage license before the ceremony? That’s going to mean two trips. You’ll need to fix your schedule to accommodate these. In some states, you can make the appointment within 90 days of your wedding while others simply allow you to show up and wait. Know what you’re going to be dealing with so you can plan for anything.

Plan for post-ceremony activities

Not having a big, traditional wedding doesn’t mean putting the kibosh on the fun and merriment. Mark the occasion by planning a kind of celebration after you leave the courthouse, says Refinery29. It could be as simple as a breakfast buffet with close friends and family or a dinner with people you want to share your first day with as a married couple.

Get a witness

Don’t lose sight of this detail no matter how busy you are in planning your civil wedding in San Antonio. You won’t be able to get married unless you have a witness so remember to bring someone along. Just make sure they’re over 18 to qualify as your official witness.

Arrive ahead of time

If you’re going to do makeup or change into your wedding dress at city hall, better get there well ahead of time. However, you could also just prepare in advance so you’re ready when you arrive.

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