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Benefits Of Doggy Day Care Services

Benefits Of Doggy Day Care Services Posted on September 5, 2017

If you haven’t tried one yet, you may think a doggy day care is a little silly. After all, dogs aren’t actually babies and do not usually need the type of supervision that children in day care need. This is certainly true. At K9 Pet Resorts in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we know that most dogs are fine if left home alone for small periods of time, and exercise or bathroom needs can often be managed by hiring a dog walker or other in-home service.

However, if you give doggy day care a try, you may find a surprising number of benefits:

  1. They give your dogs a chance to socialize. Dogs are, in general, very social animals. They find comfort in the concept of a pack, so doggy daycares can help combat loneliness in your pets. This can be especially important for dogs that are the only pets in the household or who are left alone for long periods of time.
  2. It can help eliminate or reduce destructive behaviors. When your dog eats your shoes or tears up a pillow, he isn’t trying to be bad; he is just engaging in play. Doggy day care gives your pup a chance to play without putting your stuff at risk.
  3. It can keep your pup safe. Destructive dogs don’t just put your things at risk; they put their health at risk as well. Doggy day cares are puppy-proof in a way that is impractical for your own home. Let your dog run, knowing he is safe from dangerous plants, household chemicals or even the surprisingly dangerous chicken bone in the garbage can!
  4. Help your active dog stay active or encourage an inactive dog. Even seemingly lazy dogs are motivated to play when around a larger group of dogs, and doggy day care can be just what a dog needs to help prevent age-related obesity and keep heart-healthy!
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