Dog Training in Omaha NE to Start at Home

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Pet Services

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There’s nothing like having a well behaved and properly trained pup. As long as you start early, every dog can be taught to respond to simple commands. These very basic commands should be practiced at home. Success with these basic commands can help the puppy excel during advanced Dog Training in Omaha NE.


This is an important command. It is the easiest way of controlling a pup high on energy. Start by putting the pup on a leash. Dangle a treat in front of them but do not give it to the dog. Then slowly lift the treat above its head and move it towards its tail. As the head rises, the rear will go down. Let the pup have the treat the moment it sits. Repeat this a few times. Gradually, the dog will learn to sit for longer periods.


Whether it’s at home or outside, having your pup stay in one place can prove useful. First, ensure the dog is lying down. You might need to teach your pup this by pushing their back gently until they lie down. Reward and praise it for this. Then use the word stay. If the pup stays for a few seconds, reward it with praise. Continue doing this and until the dog can stay for as much as five minutes. Remember to release the pet from the stay position each time.


This is perhaps the most important command on this list. Keep your pup on a leash. Get a treat or toy that it loves and call it towards you. Make sure to use a fun and happy voice. If the dog doesn’t come, pull it towards you. If it starts coming on its own, do not pull on the leash and be sure to offer a reward. After a few attempts, the dog will start coming without any hesitation.

These simple commands will help you gain basic control over your pet. Teaching these basic commands along with help from Dog Training in Omaha NE will ensure that your puppy will be well mannered. To learn more about dog training, check out today.

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