Benefits of Holistic Animal Care

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Pets & Animals

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Holistic animal care offers a different approach to veterinary care. Not only is it harm free for the animals; the veterinarians consider the animal as a whole being encompassing the mind, body, and soul, as well as, the emotions of the animal. The bottom line and main goal to a holistic approach whether one is human or animal is that optimal health can easily be achieved through a proper balance in one’s being.

What Holistic Practitioners Believe

It is strongly believed in holistic animal care that all units or interdependent parts within the body work cohesively and if one is not functioning properly, other parts will not function properly either. It is thought that if an animal if sad, stressed, or, has an infection and so forth; it will negatively impact the overall health of the animal. When utilizing a holistic approach to medicine, the veterinarians will combine alternate medicines, as well as, conventional medicine practices to help the animal achieve their optimal health.

Giving Hope

People become very attached to their pets, as they should – they are an addition to the family and household. The thing with pets and animals though is that when they are raised in captivity, they solely rely upon their humans to care for them, feed them, and provide for them. Some pets do require more attention than others and some may even have chronic illnesses. In traditional medicine, different medications are typically prescribed which can become quite costly but also ineffective after long-term use. Some animal owners may feel like they have hit a roadblock when the veterinarian tells them that their pet has no other options, or if the medications are becoming too costly.

Holistic animal care is giving these particular pet owners hope and a different perspective on how they can care for their pets in a more natural way utilizing what nature had intended for everyone – animals and humans alike.

Holistic Treatment Options

Having a better understanding on holistic animal care some may now be questioning what it really entails. Below are some practices that can be found in the holistic world of medicine.

* Massage Therapy

* Mixture of Eastern and Western herbs

* Organic foods and meal plans

* Acupuncture

* Prolotherapy and laser therapy

These above mentioned are just a few practices that one may find in a holistic animal care setting. Holistic animal care opens a gateway offering many new opportunities, hope, and a different outlook on helping care for your animal(s) and ensuring they remain in optimal health. For more information contact Holistic Veterinary Healing. You can like them on Facebook.

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