Benefits of Using the Services of Bathtub Refinishers in Minneapolis, MN

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Remodeling

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When considering taking on a new bathroom project, the cost is likely going to determine the route that is chosen regarding whether or refinish or replace a bathtub. While the cost of using the services of bathtub refinishers in Minneapolis MN, may seem too expensive when compared to the cost of purchasing a brand new tub, it is essential to remember factors such as labor costs. The actual amount of work is what will determine the cost of the project beyond just the materials.

While the refinishing process is a new one, it is one that is extremely effective and offers great results. When the Bathtub Refinishers in Minneapolis MN, come to a property, they are not just going to coat the porcelain tub with a coat of paint-;there is much more to the process. The finish that is used is considered to be an extremely durable acrylic urethane, which has been designed to withstand typical bathtub use. The process is more similar to painting a vehicle rather than painting a wall in a home. After all, there are a number of restrictions that must be adhered to, including the normal cleaning process and hot water temperatures.

Prior to refinishing a bathtub, all of the components and past mistreatment have to be addressed. After all, it is not unusual for bathtubs to collect years of body oils, soap scum, and even cleaner residue that become trapped between the pores of the surface. Prior to applying the new enamel, every bathtub must be thoroughly cleaned, dried and all debris removed. It is also important for the bathtub to be masked off so that no surface beyond the tub is being refinished. The last step is to spray the enamel in several coats, which provides a new glossy finish.

For more information about bathtub refinishing and the benefits it offers, contact Urban Bath Co. Here any answers a homeowner has can be answered. This process is becoming more and more popular, and is one that should be considered by anyone considering a bathroom remodeling project or a new bathtub for their home.

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