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Bigger Vaporizers are Not Always Better

Bigger Vaporizers are Not Always Better Posted on August 21, 2015

Vaporizers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and there are pros and cons to all of them. More often than not it depends on what your preferences are and what they like best. There are a number of people who are just starting out and are not sure where to begin when it comes to shopping for a vaporizer. Many often wonder what the differences are between them and which one is better overall in quality, style, and taste.

Mini Vaporizers
If you have been smoking cigarettes for a long time and you are just now trying vaporizers this is typically the one you want to go with. The reason for this is because they are the closest thing to regular cigarettes. They are small, lightweight, and feel like a cigarette in your hand. This benefits the smoker by allowing them to enjoy a variety of vape juices while also feeling like they are holding a cigarette. One of the biggest pros to this size of vaporizer is that they are extremely discreet and you can keep them in your pocket or purse without them getting in the way.

Mid-Size Vaporizers
Mid-size vaporizers are typically the most common because they happen to appeal to a mild to heavy smoker. They are pretty small and are traditionally the size of a cigar. Mild smokers generally like the mid-size vaporizers because it puts out a very strong vapor. If you have been smoking for many years and consider yourself to be a heavy smoker, you are definitely going to want to go with a mid-size vaporizer. This will help you to take care of those intense cravings.

Large Vaporizers
For the heavy and intense smoker a large vaporizer (advanced personal vaporizer or AVP) is the best option for you. It is a much larger vaporizer and will satisfy the cravings of the heavy smoker but would be way too heavy for a light smoker. They are fairly large and not really discreet. The only con to a large vaporizer is that it cannot be easily carried around like the smaller models.

No matter what your personal preferences are there is a vaporizer out there that will be exactly what you are looking for. It is best to stick with what you know and what you are used to and not to overdo it.

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