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Can I Really Buy a Fine Cigar Online?

Can I Really Buy a Fine Cigar Online? Posted on August 21, 2015

If you enjoy a really fine cigar, you are going to pay for it. In fact, some of the finest hand-rolled smokes are expensive, because of all the hard work it takes to create something special. Plus, it’s not just the labor, but all the time it takes to find just the right blend of tobaccos and other important ingredients. However, it’s possible to buy a great cigar online for a good price, if you know where to look, and an online retailer like Cigars-Now has much to offer.

Why Shop Online?

Shopping for the best smokes online is much easier today than it was several years ago. Not long ago, online cigar retailers with top quality smokes for sale, were uncommon. Today, as more online cigar shops appear, the selection has increased a great deal and the prices have lowered. In fact, you can buy a great cigar online for a reasonable price, and for several reasons.

Lower Overhead

With online cigar shops, there is no brick and mortar cigar shop to take care of. A local cigar shop takes a lot of upkeep, including rent, utilities, and the shop owner may have to pay employees also. All of these expenses must be added to the price of the cigars. However, when you sell a cigar online, you don’t have these expenses, so you can afford to charge much less.


There might not be any good cigar shops nearby, and you may have to drive a long ways. This can be very inconvenient but it’s not necessary when you shop for the best cigar online. You can check out great smokes from the convenience of your home and your cigars are delivered right to your door. Maybe you don’t have time to look for cigars during the day. This can be a major problem because most cigar shops have limited daytime hours. You are free to shop in the middle of the night or anytime, when you use the World Wide Web.


Your local cigar shop may carry quite a few brands, but they are limited. When you look for a fine cigar online, you can find an enormous selection at one shop. Here are some of the many brands you’ll find:

1. Camacho
2. CAO
3. Bolivar
4. Brick House
5. Makers Mark
6. Romeo and Juliet
7. Te-amo
8. And many more

As you shop for fine smokes on the Web, you can also check out accessories like lighters, humidors, and pipe supplies. When you add up all the reasons to look for the best cigar online, you’ll be glad you turned to the World Wide Web.

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