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Breath Easier with Mold Detection Services in Alexandria VA

Breath Easier with Mold Detection Services in Alexandria VA Posted on October 7, 2019

A flood, a leaky basement, a broken water pipe, even condensation can create an environment perfect for mold growth. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours after water exposure. This mold can cause serious damage to materials in the home. It can also cause serious health risks to pets and family members. If mold is suspected, it is important to contact a company that provides Mold Detection Services in Alexandria VA to help determine if there is a problem before it gets worse.

Identifying Mold

It can be difficult to identify mold growth in a home if one is unfamiliar with the signs. Anywhere there has been water leakage or damage could have cause mold to grow if it was not dried and treated immediately after the issue occurred. Black, brown, or even green spots on porous materials around these areas could be a sign of dangerous mold. Mold may be inside the walls too. Musty smells or other strange odors could also be a sign of mold.

Call a Professional

If any of these signs were noticed, it may be a good idea to contact a professional to be certain. These professionals can offer Mold Detection Services in Alexandria VA. The team will thoroughly inspect the home to find signs of mold. If mold is found, they will provide the homeowner with a free estimate on the costs to completely remove the mold and get the home back to being safe and secure.

If Mold is Found

If mold is found, the team can begin work to remove the mold, mildew, or even fungus that may be affecting the area. They offer a two-part system that will completely remove the mold from their area. This system cleans the entire area and kills the mold and bacteria with an antimicrobial solution. The area is thoroughly treated and is long-lasting to prevent the return of mold to that area.

Mold can be very dangerous in the home. This substance releases spores into the air. Those prone to allergies and other breathing issues can have serious health effects caused by the mold. Some mold can release toxins that can pose health risks to even those without allergies. PMSI Mold Treatment Division offers services to keep a home safe from these dangers.

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