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Camouflage Handbags as Complementary Accessories

Camouflage Handbags as Complementary Accessories Posted on January 27, 2015

You can derive a great deal about a woman if you take the time to observe the details of the accessories which she prefers. One of the most popular ways which women express their unique sense of style and personal taste is through the type of handbag they carry. The camouflage design is becoming one of the more popular styles in women’s clothing and accessories. While in past years camouflage was a dedicated design intended for men only, times have changed and this particular pattern has become an icon for making a highly fashionable statement in some circles.

Earthy Values

Camouflage handbags are useful in complementing other apparel such as shirts, and trousers which are available in a wide variety of styles. They promote earthy yet stylish appearances that are appropriate for a variety of social settings from casual to dressy.

Camouflage handbags can complement certain styles.

The style of the outfit worn determines what style and size of camouflage handbag is the most appropriate accessory. Women’s sportswear items with a camouflage theme such as hunting or other sporting apparel intended for use in the outdoors are best complemented with larger bags that promote an active tone. Medium to large size bags will match the outfit best. Apparel with a feminine tone calls for a more delicate style of handbag in a small to medium size.

Fine details can make a difference.

There are many different colors and patterns of camouflage available. While some of them are interchangeable, there are others which just won’t work well together. It is best to try and match the colors above all, and then find patterns that work well together. For example, if your outfit is a more vibrant shade with a larger design print, a handbag which features a totally different design with colors that are several shades or tones apart; they probably spectacularly clash. It is best to have common elements of some type that are complimentary in some way together. For example, the colors and designs may not be exact, but a common color or design element that is found in both the apparel and the handbag may work well together.

Color Ranges

Camouflage apparel and accessories come in several different patterns and tones. The colors range from olive drabs to a color wheel of pinks, blues, greens and gray colors. One of the most popular color variations is pink.

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