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Getting a hold of carpet samples

Getting a hold of carpet samples Posted on January 27, 2015

It is unimaginable that anyone would want to pay good money to install carpeting in their home without having a good look to determine its suitability. In appreciation of this carpet manufacturers make samples available to any carpet company in Sun City or directly to potential customers, in this way an informed decision can be made about their potential choice of carpet. Like paint manufacturers, many carpet companies hand out carpet samples as paint manufacturers hand out paint chips.

The best source for samples is at a carpet company in Sun City. Most of the carpet and flooring companies have samples on display and usually will cut a piece so that the customer can take it home to see how it fits with the décor. In most cases the store is happy to provide the samples knowing from experience that most people will eventually return to the store and place their order; however, this is not mandatory, customers are quite free to get sample pieces from a number of carpet stores, this gives them a better idea of all the various carpets that are available as rarely does a single store carry carpets from every manufacturer.

Many customers, often based on past experiences, know exactly what carpet manufacturer or carpet retailer they want to deal with and this makes it simple to get the samples. In cases like this the carpet retailer is usually happy to go to the clients home with multiple samples, this makes it extremely convenient for the customer as they may be limited to getting only a couple of samples in the store, neither of which is exactly what they had in mind. This is often ideal for the retailer as he can take the opportunity to quote prices, including installation on the spot and introduce other home décor products that they represent.

Another viable option is to go directly to a carpet installer or contractor. Most contractors don’t actively display the samples but they will have samples available of the carpet they have used in homes they have built in the past. Talking to installers or contractors is often a great way to get unbiased insight into the carpet based on their past experiences.

Interior designers also carry carpet samples but often they only provide these to those who have already entered into a design contract with them. There is little doubt that for the majority of homeowners interested in new carpet the best source for samples is a carpet company in Sun City that stocks a wide range of flooring products.

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