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Chemical Blending: What The Very Best Deliver

Chemical Blending: What The Very Best Deliver Posted on July 16, 2015

Chemical blending is a term much discussed in the processing business. There is a great need of systems that can ensure quality as well as accuracy. With food, beverages and pharmaceutical companies demanding standards in safety and quality control, is it any wonder that they turn to systems that supply these characteristics. Whether it is liquid or dry blending equipment – or even liquid powder blending, the demands are great that certain requirements be met.

What Is Chemical Blending?

Blending is defined as the gentle combining of different materials into a uniform result. It is comparable to mixing but is described as being gentler in its approach or method. Blending often combines the use of a liquid with solids. The technology of chemical blending is relied on heavily in some industries including those who create pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages.

Chemical blending is, in fact, a crucial part of the process. This is because its ability to be accurate has a major effect on the final product and its characteristics. If the blending or mixing is performed incorrectly, the result may be a product that is:

1. Non-homogenous
2. Inconsistent

If the equipment is improper, the result is indicated in the products that emerge as with its attributes not conforming in chemical composition, color, flavor, particle size, reactivity and texture to the preferred or ideal norm.

Chemical Blending Systems: What the Best Deliver

If a chemical blending system is to be successful, it needs to be capable of more than replication. It must meet the growing demands of the company or industry for which it is built. The best systems are characterized by the following:

* Accuracy: When blending, everything proceeds according to the specific formula and are as high as the industry demands time after time with no variation
* Capacity: The chemical blending system can perform to the demands of the company and products
* Continuity: The system produces identical products repeatedly
* Timely: The systems produce batches in a timely fashion – quickly and efficiently allowing for increased production
* Integration: The best systems integrate easily and without undue interruption to the overall production lines and methods.
* Efficiency: The successful chemical blending system is efficient in as many aspects as possible including changeovers

Ease and Speed: The equipment handles the process with ease and speed

* Energy Efficient: With the cost of energy these days and the need to conserve, the system must be as energy efficient as possible
* Cost-Effective: The system that is the best in the business will pay for itself over time. It is cost-effective in terms of the space it occupies, the energy it uses and the amount of labor it requires.

Choosing a chemical blending system can be difficult but finding the right one for your industry is a necessity. You can no longer blindly assume that any one is the right one. When it comes time to select the right one, be careful. The correct system – a chemical blending system that will be successful, must be chosen with an eye to its operational costs, production levels and flexibility.

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