Choose an expert medical waste management company to remain compliant

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Waste Management

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There is a lot that you need to be aware of when it comes to the proper disposal of medical waste. There are stringent federal and state regulations, but you might still find that there is a problem when you’re audited. It’s for this reason that you should find a medical waste management company in West Palm Beach area that has very well trained staff, and is also able to advise you as to the best ways of remaining OSHA compliant.

Choosing a well-trained partner
The company you work with to dispose of your medical waste should have trained and certificated staff. In addition, you might find that they are able to assist your own staff with training at a reduced fee, and will be able to check on your compliance standards. As experts in waste management, they’ll be able to see very quickly whether you have improper packaging of waste, such as ensuring that infectious waste in stored in proper containers. You need to be using rigid containers, and these can often be supplied to you by the waste management company.

The actual transportation of the waste is also important, which is why so many companies outsource this. There are specific permits that need to be in place for any medical waste over a certain volume, which means that it’s best handled by companies that do this professionally. Permits can be expensive to obtain and thorough training is required before they are granted. Of course, the reason that your own staff need to be thoroughly trained is that the person who signs off for waste removal needs to be properly aware of all the various ramifications, including whether the waste has been correctly packaged and categorized. This is another reason for ensuring that the waste management company you partner with is entirely trustworthy and has had no compliance issues. What can sometimes happen is that a medical waste disposal company will allow you to sign an agent letter. This transfers the majority of the risk to the waste management company and could be a very time-consuming and cost-saving solution for you.

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