The Humble Hardworking Auger Conveyor

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The auger conveyor plays a significant role in transporting bulk solids from one point in a plant to another. Made from aluminum, stainless steel or brass, it fits perfectly within a larger material transportation system, occupying little space as it does so. Utilizing a helical screw blade (a flighting) coiled around a shaft or employing a shaftless spiral, it can easily and efficiently move both liquid and granular material. The many industries that employ its services do so for economic and practical reasons.

An Auger by any other Name

Auger conveyors are referred to in the industry by any of several names. (It should also be noted an auger is also a specific component of a conveyor). This device has several names in the industry among the most common are:

* Screw conveyor
* Helical conveyor
* Spiral conveyor
* Worm conveyor,

Yet, no matter what the name, their function is to transport materials. They do so in one of several ways. They may move vertically or horizontally. They can move their material at a slight incline. This is an appropriate and efficient way to move many different types of materials including aggregates, cereal grains and municipal solid waste. It can prove to be the most economical in terms of space and product movement.

Other Types of Auger conveyors

An auger conveyor can come in different types. As noted above, there are horizontal and vertical versions. Fabricators and manufacturers also produce

* Humidifying Auger Conveyors: These moisten, mix and convey dry material

* Trough Auger Conveyors: They move material at vertical inclinations as great as 30 degrees

* Tubular Auger Conveyors: This shape is a variation of either the steep vertical or dosing augur type

* Dosing Auger Conveyors:  This is another form of vertical auger for use with the dosage of powders and granules

In several industries, auger conveyors are the perfect method for transporting a variety of materials. They provide the initial steps of any operation involving moving wet or dry materials along before feeding them into another system.

The Humble Auger Conveyor

Auger conveyors are perfect for situations where space is limited. They can move a variety of materials including hard-to-handle things such as dust, powders and granulates. Industries can choose the most efficient layout possible for their conveying system, including vertical or horizontal. As low maintenance devices, the humble auger conveyor quietly, and without demanding high levels of attention efficiently and optimally performs its required tasks day after day.

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