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Choosing Garage Flooring in Long Island

Choosing Garage Flooring in Long Island Posted on January 16, 2019

For homeowners, preserving the life of their home is often a top priority. Many homeowners are taking advantage of Garage Flooring in Long Island to preserve their garages. A garage floor covering has its many benefits. Concrete overtime can begin to show signs of wear and tear faster than the other floors throughout the home. Automotive fluids may leak from the vehicles, causing the fluids to stain the concrete and give off an unwelcoming odor.

Contaminated flooring also contributes to accidents, such as slipping. Installing a floor covering can reduce the amount of wear and tear on the flooring, prevent accidents and make the garage floor more reliable overall. There are two main types of garage flooring: coatings and coverings. Coatings are perfect for flooring that may have a lot of cracks due to their ability to hide wear and tear. Coverings are good for homeowners whose garage flooring tends to have a lot of moisture, as covering materials are often immune to moisture.

Floor Coatings

  • Concrete paint- concrete floor paint is considered to be the least expensive of the floor coatings. The paint is very easy to touch up if needed and easy to apply or reapply.
  • Epoxy paint- Epoxy paint is one of the most durable floor coatings available. While the dry time takes longer than most other paints, they do not require touch-ups as often.
  • Concrete stain- Concrete stain gives the garage floor a more natural look.
  • Concrete sealers- Sealers act like floor paints but are much more durable. Acrylic sealers are much like the epoxy in a way that requires less maintenance. Urethane sealers provide a clear, high-gloss and are less likely to turn yellow if direct sunlight hits it.

Floor Coverings

Garage floor coverings consist of mats and/or tiles. Coverings offer a much faster approach for installation while still hiding any blemishes.

  • Garage tiles- Tiles allow for a more customized look. They come in many styles and materials including vinyl and interlocking rubber.
  • Roll-out mats- Mats are easy to clean and move if needed. They come in a variety of sizes, and patterns.

Deciding on which Garage Flooring in Long Island may feel like an overwhelming process. However, it doesn’t have to be. Visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation today for tips and information about the many options available. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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