Choosing the right car tyres for your vehicle

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Automotive

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The tyres on a car are often overlooked but they should not be; the tyres are a critical component of car safety. Tyres are the only part of the car that touches the road; the tyres are responsible for efficient and safe braking, positive turning, acceleration and dealing with inclement weather. A high quality set of tyres is necessary for the car to respond to driver commands, stop quickly and in a short distance and gripping the road in wet or dry conditions. Knowing how important the tyres on your car are what should you know about choosing the right car tyres for your vehicle?

What tyre should you be looking for?

There has been numerous technological advances in tyre design and construction as a result in the rapid evolution of vehicle types. Long before you focus on the type of tyre to buy, focus on the proper size, speed rating and load carrying capacity. Although many vehicle owners do change tyre specs from what was originally on their car, it is best to replace your tyres with those with original tyre specs. Once you have the specs under control, then you can look at such things as wear, life expectancy, performance, price, etc.

Is it worth buying premium tyres?

Probably the correct answer is “Yes.” Price should not be the primary consideration; premium tyres are manufactured to a higher standard whether the standard is design or testing, casing construction, ability to balance, wear and stability. Buying anything but the best often proves to be the wrong choice. Premium tyres offer better value for money, they perform better, they last longer and you get a good warranty and better support from the manufacturer and dealer.

Put your trust well known brands:

When you walk into a typical tyre retailer you are going too faced with a phenomenal array of choices in brand, size, price, performance, etc. The owners handbook will have pointed you in the right direction, now comes the manufacturer. There are many tyre manufacturers; some are well known while others you may never have heard of.

The trouble with tyres is they all look alike other than for the tread design for example, there is no way to really know how the tyre is constructed, there is no way to know what compound they are made from, this does make it difficult to decide.

When you place your trust in a tyre from a leading manufacturer you can safely assume that you are getting the best of everything including material, construction and an unsullied reputation.

If you need any assistance in choosing the right car tyres for your vehicle you are invited to ask the pros at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart for their assistance. With premium brands such as BFGoodrich and Michelin to choose from, you know you will get the best tyre for the best price.

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