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CNC Machining Services to Create Your Prototypes

CNC Machining Services to Create Your Prototypes Posted on January 25, 2016

When you’re trying to get your business off the ground or when you’re just trying to launch a new product, you’re going to need some investors. To gather investors, you’re going to need to create some excitement for the product. The best way to pull that off is to produce something that your investors can hold in their hands. However, you don’t want to have to order these items in bulk; that could be quite expensive, and if no one signs on to invest, you could have hundreds and hundreds of unsold prototypes. That could be expensive and embarrassing. That’s why you should order your prototypes from a company that provides custom machining services.

Custom Prototypes

A custom prototype can be ordered in small numbers so that you can provide just enough to your potential investors. There are many different uses for these sorts of prototypes. One of the most popular uses for small prototype machining is for firearms.

Many people think of AR-15s and other types of firearms as standard platforms; however, there are certain variations from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have an idea for a new firearm platform or a completely new firearm, you might want to get a few copies of it milled by CNC machining services. They’ll provide you with as many models as you need to impress your investors.

Automobile and motorcycle components are some of the other popular demands of CNC milling. Motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other vehicles are made of thousands of tiny moving parts. Whether you need one or two to fix your ATV, or you need several hundred to sell to four-wheeler shops, you can get these milled.

Bulk Products

If your prototype has already excited your investors, or if you are planning for a different strategy, you might want to have your product milled in bulk. For example, if you design a new more efficient carburetor for V-twin motorcycles, you have a couple of options for selling it. You could have a small number milled to try and sell them to a distributor or investors. This is one of the more standard ways to go about it.

Alternately, you can employ CNC machining services to produce hundreds of copies of your new carburetor. Then you can go from auto store to auto store, selling your carburetors until you create a buzz. Whether you need two or two thousand, a reliable CNC company can mill them for you.

CNC refers to milling products using computer guided algorithms. You provide the CNC company with the schematics of your metal product. They will then digitize them and put them into their machines. Their machines will mill your product to your exact specifications. Because they’re computer guided, they’ll never make a mistake.

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