Things to Know about Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling Products

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Falk couplings have a reputation for being the standard in which all other couplings are judged, especially when it comes to grid couplings. In fact, the Falk coupling is the most popular grid coupling in Louisiana and the entire United States.

Why Use Falk Coupling Products?
Many Louisiana businesses are choosing Rexnord Falk Steelflex grid coupling products for their exceptional durability, especially in critical and heavy duty applications. Their modular construction makes it easy on spare parts inventory, and they are specially designed to be easily replaced when needed. This can substantially limit downtime.

A Falk coupling with LTG grease made by Falk can decrease maintenance requirements. In fact, one lubrication applications last for as long as five years. Also, LTG grease works well for speeds up to ten thousand rpm. With quality construction, you have fewer grid problems, and this means hub replacements are not required very often. This can greatly increase operating efficiency.

Falk Coupling Applications in Louisiana
Before selecting your couplings, you should take these things into consideration, according to the manufacturer:

* Shaft diameters and gaps

* Space limitations

* Fit type – including bore and finish

* Torque and horsepower

* RPM required

* Equipment connection or application

* High speed and brake applications require a formula recommended by the manufacturer.

Falk Coupling Selections in Louisiana
The manufacturer produces 11 different models and 25 different sizes. Bore capacities can be as large as 20 inches. Up to 8.25 million inch pounds in torque capacity is available. Here are some of the different types you will find.

T10 Series Falk Coupling
Made to work in 4 bearing systems, the cover of the unit is split horizontally. Replacing the grid is fast and simple, as there is no need to disconnect the unit during replacement. The model 1020T is specifically designed to connect shafts nearby. The cover is made from cast aluminum for lighter weight and greater resistance to corrosion.

T31 Series
This series is a good choice for industrial pump applications in Louisiana. The centerpiece is easy to remove and makes servicing equipment fast and efficient. For pump applications where you need enough space to get to the pump seals and bearings, the 1030T model is ideal.

Similar to the T31 Series Falk Coupling, the T35 is great for pump applications for Louisiana businesses. However, when shorter connection lengths are required, the T35 Series is the better choice, due to its half spacer construction. It takes a little more time to dismantle than the T31 Series coupling, but it is less expensive.

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