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Coming Up with New Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut

Coming Up with New Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut Posted on April 29, 2015

After buying an older home, the new owner decides to make a number of changes.  Along with some improvements inside, there is also the desire to think about some sort of new Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut.  Here are some points to discuss with a contractor about making those older yards more attractive and functional.

What Stays and What Goes

During those early discussions, it pays spend time walking around the existing landscape and deciding what elements the homeowner would like to keep.  Perhaps there is a stand of trees along the back fence that should remain.  Perhaps there are some blooming plants that would work with the new Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut, but they need to be moved to another location.  By identifying any elements that can be incorporated into the new design, the contractor will be in a position to know what must be done to prepare the space.

Choosing New Elements

The next step will focus on deciding what elements to introduce.  Flora and fauna are only part of what helps to bring a residential landscape to life.  Depending on the lay of the land and what the homeowner wants to do with it, adding some retaining walls may be a great idea.  If so, should those walls be constructed using stone, concrete, or brick?  Elements like cobbled paths leading from the patio to a gazebo are something that should be considered carefully.

Keeping the Project Affordable

Unless the new owner can afford to spend whatever is needed to create the desired look, it will be necessary to set a budget for the project.  Doing so will likely mean having to make some compromises, or delay the installation of some elements until a later date.  When this is the case, it will be easy enough to prioritize the changes and make sure the most important ones are finished first.  As additional funds become available, it will be easy enough to have the rest of the work done.

For any homeowner who would like to consider options for a new Landscape Design in Fairfield Connecticut, contact the team at Northeast Horticultural Services today.  With a little planning, there is a good chance of having everything ready in time for those summer lawn parties.

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