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Western Choices for Men’s Clothing in New Port Richey

Western Choices for Men’s Clothing in New Port Richey Posted on April 28, 2015

Western cowboy clothing has existed for at least one century. This style is designed to ensure the comfort and safety of cowboys wherever they might roam. A wide range of trends and designs are available for your selections. Western wear is not just for authentic cowboys anymore; nowadays, any man can take pride in wearing cowboy shirts and pants. Men can wear these clothes anywhere from casual sporting events to formal dances. If you are interested, review the many different Western styles made for men’s clothing.

Western Shirt Designs

Western cowboy shirts are manufactured using a few common materials, such as cotton and polyester. There are some shirts made of pure denim or bandana fabrics. The shirts are usually designed in plaid or solid colors with a yoke pattern on the front. Movie cowboys and rodeo performers commonly wore shirts with decorative piping or embroidery.

Most of these cowboy shirts have clasps found on the front and on cuffs. Many cowboys preferred clasps instead of buttons. Men’s cowboy shirts have simplistic styles that make them easy to clean and open.

There are different styles of wearing Western shirts. Since this shirt is fairly close fitting, you can tuck it in for a clean look or wear it out for a casual look. All cowboy shirts are made to be versatile. Expect to find pockets in the front that allow you to carry small items like keys or cigarettes. With cowboy shirts, men often include Western style belts, bandanas, cowboy boots and cowboy hats to complete the look.

Western Style Jackets and Coats

Whether in Western movies or line dancing shows, people have commonly seen Western style jackets outside of cowboy shirts. There are Western style ponchos, Mexican style jackets, fringe jackets and frock coats available for selection. People can simply wear denim or leather jackets if they do not have fancy styles.

Like sombreros, ponchos are very large and worn like overhanging blankets that keep the body warm. Equally worn by men and women, fringe jackets are made with very distinctive trimmings that hang from the sleeves and edges. Also known as buckskins, the clothes are made of leather or soft suede and were commonly worn by mountain men and Native Americans. Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett were frequent wearers of this style of jacket.

It is obvious that Western styles for men’s clothing are here to stay and never destined to fall out of style. From cowboy shirts to cowboy boots and all of the leather accessories in between, there are designs for all types of men who love the West. If you are looking for these latest fashions, look for a provider that guarantees plenty of options with men’s clothing in New Port Richey.

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