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Commercial Grout Repair in Houston TX

Commercial Grout Repair in Houston TX Posted on September 11, 2019

The processes of renovating, repairing, and stabilizing commercial and industrial buildings and plants are more complicated than grouting done in single family homes. Finding a comprehensive contractor for Grout Repair Service in Houston TX is wise because there are three main types of specialty grouting. Knowing which to use in specific situations is a key element is getting the job completed right.


This form of grouting is done in three steps to increase the weight bearing capacity of a building, correct settlements, and lift or level structures. Grout is injected in the base soil, the middle layers, and soil near the surface. The desired result is to force air and water out of the soil and create a stable combination of grout and soil for a stronger foundation.

Pressure Grouting

Industrial and commercial buildings require this process to fill in voids, fill in abandoned pipes to avoid collapse, and fill in areas between host and liner pipes. It is also a cost-effective way to protect underground pipes from shifting or eroding soil. The grout is pumped and injected under pressure to ensure all the areas are filled in completely.

This also eliminates air pockets that can expand and constrict based on weather conditions. Moisture is reduced to keep pipes from rusting or corroding. Considering the miles of pipes involved in plants and commercial buildings, the pressure approach also speeds up the process.

A Chemical Solution

A flexible rubber-like type of grout is used to leak-proof buildings. This chemical solution for grout repair service in Houston TX can be used for filling in cracks and strengthening joints to prevent further damage due to leaks. Sewer lines, dams, mine shafts, and water tanks among other applications are expensive to replace.

Using the specialty grouting for this purpose is less expensive than replacements. Prevention of leakage is another reason to have experienced contractors apply chemical grouting to new construction projects. Being proactive will save significant time and money for the developer or company that is wise enough to use foresight.

Each grouting material and technique works best when appropriately applied to the given circumstances. Pressure grouting will not combine with surrounding soil to level buildings, for example, and the chemical process cannot be used as a filler for sink holes and abandoned pipes. Owners can Contact us to discuss the issue and discover options for repair.

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