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Common HVAC Systems And Their Pros And Cons

Common HVAC Systems And Their Pros And Cons Posted on July 26, 2017

To the uninitiated, heating and cooling systems can be quite intimidating. For the majority of homeowners their concern is to have heat on tap when they need it in the winter and air conditioning in the summer months. With so many different types and sizes, how do you determine which heating and cooling in DuPage County is best suited for your home?

Split systems:

Split systems are those with components inside and outside the home. These systems are the most commonly used and most popular systems.

Combination furnace and air conditioner: The majority of these systems use a gas fired furnace; natural or LP. Gas furnaces are very efficient, especially in cold climates such as those in the mid-west. The AC condenser is located outside, the evaporator coil is installed in the furnace cabinet. The evaporator coil sends captured heat outside via refrigerant which circulates continuously through pipes.

Furnace and heat pump: This type of system is ideal for use in frigid climates. When the temperature is moderate, the heat pump provides the heat, when the temperatures plummet, the gas furnace fires and take over the heating chore. Heat pumps are ineffective once the temperature is below zero.

Split systems are common, they offer the homeowner a number of options and they are the most affordable systems for heating and cooling in DuPage County. These systems are ideal as a replacement for old, outdated systems, the modular components are simple to install and require little or no changes to existing ducting.

Packaged systems:

For homes that are constructed on a slab, the usual heating system contains everything that is needed in one cabinet. Packaged systems are installed outdoors and function with blowers to send heated or cooled air into the house and draw it back.

Packaged systems are somewhat less efficient and because they are outdoors, they tend not to last as long but they are ideal for homes without basements.

Regardless of what type of heating and cooling in DuPage County that you are considering, you will find it when you contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling.

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