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Common Reasons for Orthodontic Procedures in Vancouver WA

Common Reasons for Orthodontic Procedures in Vancouver WA Posted on February 13, 2019

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy smile. However, many people aren’t born with perfect teeth. They many need one or more Orthodontic Procedures in Vancouver WA in order to achieve the smile of their dreams. There are many reasons why a dentist may recommend orthodontics to you.

Crowded Teeth

When teeth don’t have enough space, they may overlap each other. This is known as crowding. Crowded teeth not only negatively affect the appearance of a person’s smile, but they may also lead to other dental problems. Overlapping teeth are more difficult to clean, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease.

Moving crowded teeth requires the help of Orthodontic Procedures in Vancouver WA. A dentist may use braces and orthodontic appliances to move teeth into the ideal location. In severe cases, it may be necessary to widen the patient’s palate in order to create more room for incoming teeth.

Gaps Between Teeth

Some people have too much space between their teeth. While gaps are not usually a health concern, they may cause a person to feel more self-conscious about their smile. Gaps may also make teeth more likely to shift over time.

Once again, braces are usually to the treatment of choice to close unwanted gaps. Both metal and invisible braces are effective options. Once the braces are removed, the patient should wear a retainer to prevent their teeth from shifting back.

Misaligned Bite

Even if a patient has straight teeth, they may need orthodontics to fix a misaligned bite. Under-bites, over-bites, and cross-bites are common reasons a person may be referred to an orthodontist. If a misaligned bite isn’t corrected, the patient may experience difficultly when chewing or speaking.

Depending on the severity of the patient’s bite, the dentist may recommend one or more treatments. Braces may help to adjust a patient’s bite, especially when rubber bands are worn during treatment. Headgear is also commonly prescribed to correct bite problems.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile, it may be time to consider orthodontics. A Trusted Dentist can help you determine which treatment would be best for your case. Teeth spacing and bite issues are all common reasons why a person may find themselves needing orthodontic treatment.

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