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Competing with Optic Scopes in Shepherdsville, KY

Competing with Optic Scopes in Shepherdsville, KY Posted on March 15, 2017

When sports enthusiasts who enjoy shooting want to find a range to utilize Optic Scopes in Shepherdsville KY, they want to find a safe facility where the Second Amendment comes first. Finding a facility that will have all of their gun needs in addition to a secure outdoor range will ensure they have an enjoyable day target shooting. Going to a range that stocks a large selection of rifles, shotguns, and pistols for sale in addition to ammunition, targets, and hearing and eye protection will provide one-stop shopping for gun enthusiasts.

Knob Creek Gun Range is one example of a premier outdoor shooting range. They offer low daily rates as well as annual memberships and, for those who do not own a gun, they offer rentals. They stress safety and make all shooters wear eye and hearing protection at all times. They also employ range officers who have a presence on the firing line to ensure a safe shooting environment for customers of all ages.

Besides shooting with Optic Scopes in Shepherdsville KY, gun owners want to find a range that offers various competitions. This may include open bolt and closed bolt sub-guns, old military bolt action rifles, assault rifles, practical pistols, and shotguns. Gun owners may also want to take place in a jungle walk competition, which is a sub-machine gun course laid out in a wooded area. The shooter navigates the course with a loaded sub-machine gun in hand and has a range officer trailing behind. The sub-machine gunner has 50 rounds of ammunition and is seeking 18 enemy targets. Besides physical skills and agility being put to a test, the shooter must have the mental capacity to try to remember has much ammunition has been fired, for they don’t want to run out. Finding a range that has the ability to rent machine guns can also provide shooters the chance to try them out before they think about purchasing one.

Gun enthusiasts should also find a range that offers gun safety classes. Whether it is a concealed carry deadly weapon course or a hunter’s education course, shooters can always benefit with more gun safety education.

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