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All About Implant Dentures In Cincinnati, OH

All About Implant Dentures In Cincinnati, OH Posted on March 15, 2017

It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. The shape of the mouth changes and people look older when teeth are lost. Significant bone loss can occur, and the jaw recedes rapidly. There are several options available to replace missing teeth, including dentures. On the other hand, dental implants are a more permanent solution. For instance, regular dentures are affordable and assist with chewing. However, bone loss continues, and dentures may have to be replaced.

Implant dentures in Cincinnati OH are more expensive. Nonetheless, they are permanent and stop the bone damage. Indeed, implants provide support for the facial bone structure. Wearers may end up looking much younger. There are a couple of ways consumers can go. Implants can be used in combination with a bridge or partial. These implants are mini-devices used to anchor bridges or partials. Another type of system uses snap-in dentures to stay in place. These implants can be removed for cleaning, and they are less expensive than on removable.

Non-removable implant dentures in Cincinnati OH start with screws being placed in the jaw. This is a surgical procedure, so local anesthesia or IV sedation will be used. In addition, some patients are required to take antibiotics prior to the procedure. It takes a few months for the implanted screws to bond with bone. The bonded area will anchor the artificial teeth. A temporary device is worn to protect the site during this time. Next, extensions are attached to the screws. Again, the mouth is allowed to heal for a few weeks. The last step is attaching dentures to the device.

Are denture implants safe for everyone? For years, diabetics were told that implants were not safe for them. There was concern about the healing process. It was thought that the procedure would fail for most diabetic patients. New research shows there is nothing to fear. Several studies show that, as long as glucose levels are controlled, the outcomes are excellent. In any case, implant teeth must be cared for like regular teeth. Good oral hygiene must be used, and check-ups every six months are required. If you are interested, visit a dentist’s website and Click Here to learn more.

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